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Solana Gardens has been trading $BTC, $SOL and other altcoins since March 2022.
Our fund's primary focus is low-leverage, bidirectional trading of $BTC. Depending on market conditions, we do trade other altcoins such as $SOL, $PAXG etc. Trading profits are both compounded and distributed.
  1. 1.
    Hold a Solana Garden NFT
  2. 2.
    Keep it delisted (for the monthly snapshot)
  3. 3.
    Receive dividends ($SOL airdropped directly to your wallet)

Mint (February 2022 to May 2022)

  • 3,333 NFTs were minted at a price of ◎1.50 each
  • 80% of mint proceeds formed the initial capital injected into the trading fund (primarily held in $SOL and/or $USDC)
  • 20% of mint proceeds was spent on R&D, hiring, marketing and project expenses
  • We have no plans to issue any further NFTs beyond this 3,333 supply


  • The treasury and trading activities are overseen and executed by @milo_khoo​
  • Trading activities are conducted on Centralised Exchanges
Dividends are not guaranteed. Losses may be incurred.
Each trading period lasts the month, with trading activities closed and concluded at the end of each month. The trading profits (if any) are distributed to the NFT holders, after the following deductions:
  • 25% performance fees (using a high-water mark system)
  • 22.5% compounding
Finally, 52.5% of the monthly trading profits are distributed to the holders.
// Sample calculation:
Opening TVL: ◎5,000
Add: Trading profit: ◎1,000
Less: Performance fees (25%): ◎250
Less: Compounding (22.5%): ◎225
Less: Dividend distribution (52.5%): ◎525
Closing TVL: 5,225◎


Solana Gardens is exposed to significant risks, and trading performance is extremely volatile. There have been months where the fund has had a drawdown (and no dividends were distributed).
The value of your NFTs and your expectations of profits by holding the NFTs are subject to a myriad of risks that can result in significant drawdowns overnight.
By holding our NFTs, you agree that you understand, accept, and take full ownership of the complete liability in regard to all such risks.
  • Trading and operational risks
  • Centralised Exchange risks
  • Market and volatility risks
  • Cryptocurrency risks
  • Liquidity risks
  • Legal and regulatory risks
  • etc.
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