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Solana Gardens

by Solana Room

Solana Gardens is a closed-end trading fund, tokenised as a collection of NFTs on Solana.

By owning one of the 3,333 Solana Garden NFTs, you enjoy a fractional stake in our hedge fund. This stake entitles you to an equal share of the fund and an equal right to dividend distributions.

Solana Room (est. February 2022)

  • The Solana Room NFT collection (the precursor collection to Solana Gardens) launched in February 2022
  • Mint price: ◎1.5
  • Supply: 3,333
Solana Room, our first NFT collection, launched in February 2022 and minted out in May 2022. A total of ◎4,999.5 was raised, forming the initial capital of the fund. Trading began in March 2022.

Solana Gardens (est. November 2023)

In November 2023, we migrated (1:1) from Solana Room to Solana Gardens in response to a hack which affected several of our holders. The Solana Garden NFTs were airdropped to the rightful owners of the Solana Room NFTs, and business continues as usual.
  • The Solana Room NFT collection was deprecated. You can still trade the Solana Room NFTs on secondary marketplaces, but they are only art collectibles now and do not entitle the holder to any rights to the fund nor dividend distributions.
  • The Solana Gardens NFT now represents a share of the fund and the rights to dividend distributions.

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